Licensed Psychological Services

Meet our Owner

Lecturer in Extension
Harvard University

2014-2015 Award Winning Fellow
Yale School of Medicine

2016-2019 Research Fellow
Harvard University

2019-2020 Clinical Fellow

Meet our Psychologists

All are Licensed Psychologists

All have Doctorates (PhD or PsyD)

Clinical Concerns, Treatment, & Assessment

Clinical Concerns

Depression | Anxiety | Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Personality Disorders | Bipolar I & II | Eating Disorders | Dissociative Disorders | PTSD | ADHD | Anger | Chronic Stress

Other Reasons for Therapy/Consultation

Stress | Relationships | LGBT | Work-Life Balance | Infertility Sadness & Stress | Menopause-Related Emotions | Separation/Divorce | Co-Parenting | Burnout | Emotional Eating | Parenting | Empty Nest | Work Stress

Treatment Approaches

Psychodynamic Therapy | Dialectical Behavior Therapy | Mindfulness-Based Therapies | Cognitive Behavior Therapy | Integrative Treatment | Trauma Focused Treatments

Psychological Testing

Clinical Disorders | Personality Disorders | Career Assessment

Scheduling & Fees

HIPAA Compliance

Sessions occur via tele-health on a HIPAA-compliant platform.

Session Fees & Frequency

Individual Sessions are $250 which is paid directly with a credit card on file or at the time of session.

Sessions usually occur weekly and patients can schedule a series sessions of ahead of time.

Insurance Reimbursement Information

Our office provides all the necessary (completed for you) paperwork to our patients to be considered for reimbursement by their insurance provider.

As licensed Psychologists, many patients receive at least some form of reimbursement from their insurance, though this is not a guarantee without appropriate out-of-network benefits, as our practice has chosen not to currently opt-in with any insurance companies.